> Dec  3 15:22:35 srv postfix/cleanup[168510]: event: SMFIC_BODYEOB; 
> macros: i=23FA51A1BA9
> Dec  3 15:22:35 srv postfix/cleanup[168510]: reply: SMFIR_CONTINUE data 
> 0 bytes
> Dec  3 15:22:35 v/cleanup[168510]: free milter unix:/run/smilter/t.socket
> Dec  3 15:22:36 srv postfix/smtpd[168502]: reply: SMFIR_ADDHEADER data 
> 17 bytes

Postfix logging suggests that the Milter replies to SMFIC_BODYEOB
with SMFIR_CONTINUE. Is that what the milter sends?

Can you make a recording of the postfix-milter network communication?

If using tcpdump you may need to switch the milter to use TCP
sockets instead of unix-domain.


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