You claim almost 100% reproduction, but your Perl script has multiple
errors, and you did not provide all the inputs to reproduce the

First, the Perl script.

1 - When I run the script in your email message, it does not compile.
    $ perl your-script
    syntax error at your-script line 5, near "0) "
    syntax error at your-script line 6, near "; }"

2 - After I 'fix' that, the script logs an error when it adds a message header.
    $ perl your-script
    addheader: no header value

3 - The above error happens because the script has an undefined variable.
    When I add a line with "use strict;", this is the warning:
    $ perl your-script
    Global symbol "@args" requires explicit package name (did you forget to 
declare "my @args"?) at your-script line 16.

Can you provide the following:

- A script that reproduces the problem.

- The complete command line for running your script that reproduces
  the problem.

- Complete Postfix SMTP server input that reproduces the problem,
  and HOW that input is sent to the Postfix SMTP server.

For example, the problem does not reproduce when I store an entire
SMTP session with multiple messages in a file, and feed that with
netcat into Postfix (nc -w 5 25 <file).


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