luckydog xf <>
11:15 AM (4 minutes ago)
to postfix-users
Hello, list.

# Here is my ldap query
bind = no
version = 3
server_host = ldap://
start_tls = no
search_base = cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=ipa,dc=pthl,dc=hk
scope = sub

query_filter = (|(displayName=%s)(initials=%s))

result_attribute = displayName, initials

result_format = %s

# my ldap, actually it's FreeIPA.
# just a sample, please ignore the key name.

displayName and initials are two different email addresses. One is, while the other is

I use postmap -q '', it returns two addresses. If I set one
result_attribute , I can only get
one email address.

How to return the only one based on query input ?  E.g when the user's
input is, it returns, vice versa.


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