#4264: Incorrect road
  Reporter:  Maetma     |       Owner:  potlatch-dev@…                
      Type:  defect     |      Status:  closed                        
  Priority:  major      |   Milestone:                                
 Component:  potlatch2  |     Version:  2.0                           
Resolution:  invalid    |    Keywords:                                

Comment(by Richard):

 There is actually a (slightly better phrased) dupe of this by the same
 reporter, so we don't need both. It's certainly ''possible'' code-wise,
 that much is fairly obvious. It's the UI that's harder - we certainly
 don't want P2 to start randomly adding junction nodes when the user's very
 next action might be to add a bridge=yes tag. I suspect a better solution
 might be the long-planned data quality inspector, but it needs careful

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