Sebastian Arcus wrote:

I have uploaded a bunch of gps traces as "identifiable". They show up under "See your traces". However, when I click on "map" or "edit" I can't see them on the map or in Potlatch2 editor. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a temporary problem with the system?

An example of one of them is here:

How very odd.

That trace displays without problems in Potlatch 1 and JOSM (two other OSM editors), just not easily in Potlatch 2.

When I click the "GPS Data" button part of it does load along with any other adjacent traces (I can tell that it's yours by looking at the shape, and looking at the trace details in JOSM).

Looking at the GPX file, I can't see anything unusual.

I've cc:ed the potlatch-dev list in case anyone there has any idea why it may be not showing via "Edit".


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