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"It was withdrawn because the 10-year window is long past.  A new standard
was balloted with one negative result and many comments.  The comments
(including the negative) were addressed in a new version which was submitted
to and has been held up by the N13 Internal Dosimetry Standards chair.²

At this point we don¹t have any additional information because the N13
Internal Dosimetry Standards chair was not available duringg yesterday¹s
Annual Meeting for an update.


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Date:  Friday, October 14, 2016 at 12:14 PM
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Subject:  [powernet] ANSI/HPS N13.14-1994 (Tritium)

> Does anyone know why ANSI/HPS N13.14-1994, Internal Dosimetry Programs for
> Tritium Exposure ­ Minimum Requirements, was withdrawn?
> Is there another ansi standard replacement for N13.14?
> I¹m sure many bioassay programs used this as the basis for their tritium
> monitoring starting in 1994 when 10CFR20 was revised.  The 1983 version is
> still available but based on the old 10CFR20.
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