Hello John,

I am a member N13 and we had our Annual Meeting yesterday. I just reached
out to the former Chair and asked for details on the withdrawal.

An ANSI Standard has to be reaffirmed, revised or withdrawn after 10 years.
The typical reason for withdrawal is that there is no individual willing to
Chair the Working Group, no interest from previous members or there is no
need determined from the users and/or regulators. Hopefully I¹ll have a more
definitive reply for you.


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Subject:  [powernet] ANSI/HPS N13.14-1994 (Tritium)

> Does anyone know why ANSI/HPS N13.14-1994, Internal Dosimetry Programs for
> Tritium Exposure ­ Minimum Requirements, was withdrawn?
> Is there another ansi standard replacement for N13.14?
> I¹m sure many bioassay programs used this as the basis for their tritium
> monitoring starting in 1994 when 10CFR20 was revised.  The 1983 version is
> still available but based on the old 10CFR20.
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