I'm performing a benchmark of BWRs that store Dose of Legal Record (DLR) 
monitoring devices onsite when not in use. Any information you may have on this 
subject is welcome:

1.       What type of Dose of Legal Record (DLR) monitoring devices do you use 
(TLD, OSL) at your site?

2.       For those that use TLDs, what make and model number are they?

3.       Where are the onsite storage racks located?

4.       What is the DLR exchange frequency at your site?

5.       Were the storage racks made by the site or were they purchases from a 

6.       If you did not make the storage racks onsite, where did you purchase 

7.       Were there any special studies or surveys performed to select these 
storage sites?

8.       If so, can I get a copy of the study or survey plan?

9.       What is your background radiation level at your onsite storage 

10.  What are the pros and cons that your site has experienced with this 

Thanks for your help!

Pat LaFrate
Duke Energy Dosimetry Laboratory
13339 Hagers Ferry Road
Applied Science Center; Bldg 7405 MC: MG03A2
Huntersville, NC 28078
919-802-5716 (cell)

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