Hello All

I am looking for input on neutron detectors used by yourself and the 
calibration methods for those neutron detectors.

This may provide us with an idea of the consistency of our neutron measurement 

I have 5 questions but please do provide more input where needed.  The 
tabulation after the questions is nowhere near complete so please add to that.

Which are the most typical types (models) of neutron detectors being used by 
your organization ?

Which are the most typical types (models) of neutron DOSIMETERS being used by 
your organization?

What is a typical uncertainty in the calibration of neutron detectors and 
neutron dosimeters ?

Which regulations drive the requirements to calibrate neutron detectors ?

Which national/international calibration laboratory accreditation organization 
is followed ?

Neutron Detectors

Gas filled such as
          HPI Rem 500
          Fuji NSN3

Liquid such as
          BTI Bubble

Solid such as
          Polyethylene Moderated
          Lithium-doped glass

Neutron spectrometers

Neutron Dosimeters

          Thermoluminescent albedo dosimeters
Bubble dosimeters

Instrument Calibration Methods

NIST traceable
Radioactive sources
DD and DT generators
Transfer instruments

          First Principles

          Exposure in a well-characterized operating nuclear reactor

Typical isotopes used for neutron detection
helium-3, lithium-6, boron-10, and uranium-235

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James Tom Voss, NRRPT, CHP

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