Diablo Canyon does/did the same as Palo Verde and Comanche Peak.

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> Comanche Peak does the same as APS
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> Subject: [powernet] RE: TLD exchange question for declared pregnant workers
> At Palo Verde Generating Station, once the female has declared, we have the 
> worker report to Dosimetry to complete a Whole Body Count & issue a new DLR. 
> When she has undeclared, we then do another WBC and a new DLR.
> Ivy Garry
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> Subject: [powernet] RE: TLD exchange question for declared pregnant workers
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> At D.C. Cook, if significant dose has been received during the period between 
> conception and declaration of the pregnancy, the DLR could be read at the 
> discretion of Health Physicists or Radiation Protection Supervision.
> Claire Papas
> Health Physicist
> Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant
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> workers
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> At Beaver Valley, we would issue a new TLD to a worker declaring pregnancy if 
> their electronic dosimeter measured dose for the wear period exceeds 10 mrem.
> If their dose is <=10 mrem, we let them keep their current TLD.
> How do other plants handle a worker’s TLD upon declaration of pregnancy?
> John Lebda
> Staff Nuclear Spec.
> Beaver Valley Power Station
> leb...@firstenergycorp.com
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