At one time or another, we’ve had most of the problems listed.  The biggest fix 
was switching to the LDM-250.  That prevented the folks from taking the 
dosimeter in the middle of writing to the dosimeter.  Far fewer issues since 
doing that.  Failing the LDM-250, coach folks to take their hands off the 
dosimeter until HIS-20 displays the screen that indicates it is done with the 
access transaction (there is a small window of opportunity between when the 
access transaction is written to the database and the signal is sent to the 
dosimeter to turn it on).

Some OE from a previous life:  look for any RF interference in the area 
anywhere near the LDM to DMC-2000S radio frequency.  It is very low power and 
all too easy to mess with.  Proximity to a CRT monitor is enough.  In one case 
we wound up putting the readers in a small Faraday cage because the interfering 
RF was really powerful and could not be removed.  Easy to test this with an 
electrically grounded metal box.

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North Anna has a question for plants that use Canberra’s HIS-20 software and 
DMC-2000 electronic dosimeters.

1.       Have you had any occurrence where the DMC-2000 has been found in PAUSE 
after being issued in HIS-20?

2.       Have you had any occurrence where the DMC-2000 once issued has turned 
back to PAUSE without interfacing with a dosimeter reader?

3.       Have you had any occurrence with the DMC-2000 losing contact with the 
wireless reader during the issuance or return process?

4.       Have you had any occurrence during the issue process, the system 
issues then quickly returns the dosimeter?

5.       If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions – what corrective 
measures have you put in place to prevent these events?

Barbara J. Thompson
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