We are looking at streamlining our neutron dose tracking and are wondering how 
other plants are performing it.

1.       Which do you use for determining neutron dose for workers in Neutron 
Exposure Areas:

a.       Stay time tracking

b.      Gamma to neutron ratios

c.       Neutron sensitive SRDs

d.      Other

2.       Do you have specific criteria for using any of the above?

3.       Are there any exemptions to tracking neutron doses in Neutron Exposure 
Areas, and how are those documented?

4.       Do you track neutron dose outside of Neutron Exposure Areas/when 
handling neutron sources?

5.       How often do you perform neutron surveys of Neutron Exposure Areas?

Elizabeth Heyeck, CHP
Senior Health Physicist
D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant

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