They worked great at Browns Ferry. Used them the last outage when we cut up our 
Steam dryer as part of EPU.  Used them with the active dive antenna and AWM.  
That evolution consisted of almost three weeks of diving.  The updates much 
faster than the old system as did not have to deal with the iMUX.  I was 
skeptical at first but after using it the last outage would not want to go 
back.  The update time for each of the dosimeters was 4-8 seconds which was 
much better than we saw with the old system.

Will be diving again this upcoming outage.

Chuck Creamer
Health Physicist
Radiation Protection

Tennessee Valley Authority; Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
P.O. Box 2000 (Mail Stop NAB-1G-BFN)
Decatur, Al. 35609-2000

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Fermi is planning on it and has purchased all the equipment for our torus 
recoat project.  Decided to go that way after feedback from Brown's Ferry, 
Hatch and a couple others.  We'll see how that works out.  They all liked it 
better than the imux.

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Catawba is looking for anyone using the Mirion DMC3000 self reading dosimeter 
to monitor divers' dose.  If you have used the DMC3000 for diving, please 
provide contact information or respond directly to email<> or 
phone number (803) 701-3968.

Mark A Helton
Senior Scientist-Radiation Protection
Duke Energy - Catawba Nuclear Station

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