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I wrote about an interesting readability experiment here:

Thank you, but I am not sure that readability of short snippets
is the same thing as readability of "connected passages", and I'm
pretty sure that readability of 2-page programs is not the same
as readability of million-line programs.

Perhaps you could show them single statements and manipulate
the variables names, asking subjects to judge which was more

That's an interesting thing to do, but what I _mean_ by
"readability" here doesn't have to do with familiarity or
agreeability or even speed of skimming.  The definition I
was tacitly using is something like
    "Difficulty of finding correct information while performing
    a simple maintenance task"
and to measure that, I think you have to get people to perform
a simple maintenance task, and that really does need bigger

I'm considering the possibility, you see, that unfamiliar code
in a style that people don't _like_ as much might (or of course
might _not_) be better for them.  One of the reasons for using
a pseudo-code is to avoid the curly brace wars.

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