"Giovanni" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I am asking you about the italian translation of your book "Producing Open
> Source Software".
> Can you write for me in your answer, in other english words, the phrase "Even
> those who disagreed with the FSF had to engage the issue, if only to stake out
> a different position"?

Sorry, Giovanni -- I saw your earlier mail (to just me), but I couldn't
answer it yesterday.  Anyway, it's always better to ask on this list, so
I'll respond here.

The sentence means:

   "Some people did not feel that free software was a political issue,
    and therefore disagreed with the FSF when the FSF said it *is* a
    political issue.  However, because the FSF raised the question of
    political meaning, even those people who disagreed were still forced
    to think about the politics of the activity -- that is, even though
    they might not agree with the FSF that all software should be free,
    the FSF still caused them to ask themselves that question.  So the
    FSF forced people to think about it in a new way, even though not
    all those people came to the same position as the FSF."

("stake out" means to take a position; in English you can also say
"stake out a tent" -- the "stake" is the little stick you put in the
ground to hold a rope)

Does this help?

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