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 <sect3 id="cvs-pserver">
 <title>Case study: the CVS password-authentication protocol</title>
+<title>ケーススタディ: CVS パスワード認証プロトコルの場合</title>
 <para>In 1995, I was one half of a partnership that provided support
 and enhancements for CVS (the Concurrent Versions System; see <ulink
 url=""/>).  My partner Jim and I were,
@@ -1593,21 +1597,33 @@
 volunteer CVS development community.  We just assumed that they'd send
 in patches, and we'd apply them, and that was pretty much how it
+    1995年、私は CVS (Concurrent Versions System : <ulink 
url=""/> を参照して下さい) 
のサポートと機能強化を行うために二人でチームを組んでいました。パートナーのジムと私は、その時点では非公式ながら CVS 
のメンテナーでした。しかし、私たちは既にいる CVS 
 <para>Back then, networked CVS could be done only over a remote login
 program such as <literal>rsh</literal>.  Using the same password for
 CVS access as for login access was an obvious security risk, and many
 organizations were put off by it.  A major investment bank hired us to
 add a new authentication mechanism, so they could safely use networked
 CVS with their remote offices.</para>
+    そのとき、ネットワークを介して CVS を操作するには、<literal>rsh</literal> 
 <para>Jim and I took the contract and sat down to design the new
 authentication system.  What we came up with was pretty simple (the
 United States had export controls on cryptographic code at the time,
 so the customer understood that we couldn't implement strong
 authentication), but as we were not experienced in designing such
 protocols, we still made a few gaffes that would have been obvious to
-an expert.  These mistakes would easily have been caught had we taken
+an expert. These mistakes would easily have been caught had we taken
 the time to write up a proposal and run it by the other developers for
 review.  But we never did so, because it didn't occur to us to think
 of the development list as a resource to be used.  We knew that people
@@ -1618,7 +1634,13 @@
 authentication protocol was not very good, and of course, once it
 became established, it was difficult to improve, because of
 compatibility concerns.</para>
+    Jim と私は契約を結び、新しい認証機構を設計する作業に腰を据えて取り組みました。私たちが思いついたのはとても単純なもの 
 &mdash; 自分たちが無知であることがわからなかったので &mdash; 
 <para>The root of the problem was not lack of experience; we could
 easily have learned what we needed to know.  The problem was our
 attitude toward the volunteer development community.  We regarded
@@ -1626,9 +1648,15 @@
 process by which the quality of the changes could be improved.  Since
 we were confident that almost anything we did would be accepted (as it
 was), we made little effort to get others involved.</para>
 <para>Obviously, when you're choosing a contractor, you want someone
 with the right technical skills and experience for the job.  But it's
 also important to choose someone with a track record of constructive
@@ -1636,6 +1664,11 @@
 you're getting more than just a single person; you're getting an agent
 who will be able to draw on a network of expertise to make sure the
 work is done in a robust and maintainable way.</para>

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