On 31/07/2017 21:04, Ken Dibble wrote:

Are you declaring your variable as PRIVATE right before you run the GETFILE() command?

PRIVATE mypath

mypath = GETFILE("csv","Spreadsheet","Open",0,"Open Spreadsheet")

Just curious if that is affecting it.

GAAAAAHHH!!! That's it!!

Not a PRIVATE declaration, the variable is declared LOCAL.

I got bit the other week with a different problem with a user using GETPICT, which is essentially the same function, but just matches pictures. Tried this use with GETFILE and works the same.

cFile = GETFILE('','Get me a file')

If you start typing something in the box to match entries in the folder it will show available matches and you can click on one and it puts this name in the box and click ok. This works fine. If you just press enter after entering some text but not clicking on the matches it will return this name even though the file does not exist. I now have to have an extra check that the file actually exists when GETFILE returns a value. I used to assume the name existed if they returned a value, then my program would fall over. I had assumed they were renaming or moving files before saving.


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