Don't know if this helps but the VFP9 SP2 help file says this:

A sub-SELECT is often referred to as a derived table. Derived tables are
SELECT statements in the FROM clause referred to by an alias or a
user-specified name. The result set of the SELECT in the FROM clause
creates a table used by the outer SELECT statement. Visual FoxPro 9.0
permits the use of a subquery in the FROM clause.

A sub-SELECT should be enclosed in parentheses and an alias is required.
Correlation is not supported. A sub-SELECT has the same syntax limitations
as the SELECT command, but not the subquery syntax limitations. All
sub-SELECTs are executed before the top most SELECT is evaluated.

The following is the general syntax for a subquery in the FROM clause.


So it seems that a sub-query MUST have an alias.


On 8 August 2017 at 11:54, Ted Roche <> wrote:

> I don't recall if I've ever run into an error 1801. You go, Gene!
> Seems to indicate that subqueries don't support the syntax. Note
> that's an old MSDN entry, so 9.0 could be better.
> On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 8:35 PM, Gene Wirchenko <> wrote:
> > Hello:
> >
> >     This statement works:
> >
> >    select *;
> >    from cwkt;
> >    where;
> >     funccode="TW" and trndate>={^2017.07.01} and;
> >     exists;
> >      (;
> >      select .t. from ctwc;
> >      where;
> >       cwkt.clcode=ctwc.clcode and cwkt.wccode=ctwc.wccode and;
> >       cwkt.trndate>=ctwc.validfr and cwkt.trndate<=ctwc.validto;
> >      );
> >    order by clcode,wonbr,trndate
> >
> Is there likely to be more than one ctwc record with with a valid date
> range on the transaction date? If there should be only one cwtc
> record, then the query could be re-written as:
>     select cwkt.*;
>     from cwkt;
>     JOIN ctwc
>     ON  cwkt.clcode=ctwc.clcode and cwkt.wccode=ctwc.wccode
>     where;
>      funccode="TW" and trndate>={^2017.07.01} and;
>      cwkt.trndate between ctwc.validfr and ctwc.validto;
>     order by clcode,wonbr,trndate
> Or you could use the greater-than-or-equal, less-than-or-equal syntax,
> since you no longer have a correlated subquery.
> --
> Ted Roche
> Ted Roche & Associates, LLC
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