Hey! That's not a City scarf, that's an Argie scarf. Got the right colors but the wrong team. ;-)

On 06/03/18 02:24, Ed Leafe wrote:
On Mar 5, 2018, at 5:20 PM, Kurt at VR-FX <v...@optonline.net> wrote:

What the Halibut? Where's a link to a pic of you and Ed hanging out??? Come on 
- you know you owe us at least that much!!!
To be fair, it was Linda who took the photos, and we were stuck in metal tubes all day 
today (Manchester -> Dublin -> Washington, DC -> San Antonio). But now I'm back 
home, and before collapsing from exhaustion, I put together a quick album: 

That said, I can't thank Dave enough for being a wonderful host. Linda and I 
had planned a nice, leisurely weekend in Manchester after my conference in 
Dublin, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Dublin had the worst weather in 
decades while we were there 
 and the airport was shut down for two days, canceling our original flights. We 
ended up flying into Manchester Sunday afternoon, where Dave was waiting for 
us. He drove us to the stadium, where we had a great time watching City win, 
even though we were stuck in the Chelsea section. He the took us to our hotel, 
but then it turned out that when we re-booked due to the storm, we had been 
moved to a different hotel much further away. No worries, as Dave the chauffeur 
got us to our hotel, waited while we dropped off our things, and then drove us 
back to his charming town, where we were joined by his wife
  and had an excellent meal. He then drove us all the way back to our hotel. We 
had to fly out early the next morning, and I can honestly say that without 
Dave's help, none of that would have been possible. Oh, and don't even get me 
started about the problems getting the tickets!

Next time we are able to make it to Manchester, we owe him several pints!

-- Ed Leafe

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