Would afields() do what you want?

On 6 April 2018 18:19:47 GMT-04:00, Gene Wirchenko <ge...@telus.net> wrote:
>      I wish to compare two tables' structures.  I have a transaction 
>table, and I wish to check that an import table matches up well enough.
>      Well enough?  All columns in the transaction table must be in 
>the import table and of the same type and size.  If there are 
>additional column in the import table or if the columns are in a 
>different order, it does not matter.
>      It would be nice to able to copy each structure into an array 
>and then compare them using scan().
>      Instead, I think that I have to copy structured extended to a 
>temporary table -- I would prefer a cursor -- and then copy from that 
>to an array for each of the two tables and only then compare.  That 
>seems rather Rube-Goldbergian.
>      I could be missing something.  I hope I am.
>      What is a good way of doing this?
>Gene Wirchenko
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