Again, I am not a VFP developer, but my understanding from the Clipper/VO/X# XBase fork:

SET DEFAULT change the path where when not specifying a path, will determine where it will first look at trying to find the file.  The default is the Executing directory.

SET PATH is used as alternative places to look when not found in the DEFAULT folder.  There are certain file open commands that does not adhere to this which I cannot set my hands on now since it is stated in the Clipper/VO/X# help to be documented in the specific commands/functions help description.



On 2019/08/14 05:57, Gene Wirchenko wrote:

     I have an app that has for years been executed out of the default directory with the data there, too.

     Now, I have to give at least the data an arbitrary location. Can I use SET DEFAULT for this and save having to rewrite hundreds of table referring statements?  Or are there nasty things to worry about?

     I am thinking of having a config table in the startup default directory that specifies the data directory and then SET DEFAULT to that directory.  When executing a .exe version of the app, I think this will not cause trouble, but for a debug version with separate .fxp, I think I also need to SET PATH for the code to be found.   I join all my code together with SET PROCEDURE TO ... ADDITIVE  in the startup .fxp if that makes a difference.  Are the gotchas going to get me?


Gene Wirchenko

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