Must have done this at least 30 years ago. ;)

Op wo 14 aug. 2019 13:27 schreef Alan Bourke <>:

> You need to know the location of the data, say lcLocation then:
> If you're using a DBC it's just
> open database (addbs(lcLocation) + "mydbc")
> use table1 in 0
> use table2 in 0
> If you're opening tables explicitly then then:
> use (addbs(lcLocation) + "table1") in 0
> use (addbs(lcLocation) + "table2") in 0
> And so on.
> Beyond that it doesn't matter where they are as long as the user has r\w
> access to the location. And it's not opening them directly over the
> internet or something silly.
> --
>   Alan Bourke
>   alanpbourke (at) fastmail (dot) fm
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