SSDs make a lot of sense for speed, weight and less noise and if
everything's on the network or the internet, 128 Gb SSD is just as good as
a 1TB HDD.

Thanks Ted.

"Everything's on the network or the internet" seems to be a common assumption and is apparently the reason why it's pretty hard to find larger HDDs on laptops that also have the other stuff I want. Weight seems to be a major consideration for marketers, but it isn't for me. We do not keep stuff on the network or the internet here, with some exceptions.

Windows 10 now requires 32 GB of space for itself (build "1903"). That means you need 64 GB in order to cope with the download/installation/cleanup process for those eventual feature "upgrades" that we, as mere pawns in MS's marketing game, are no longer allowed to ignore. And some people have been speculating that the OS space is likely to double to 64 GB in the near future. That would mean a 128 GB HDD would have no room left at all for anything else.

So modernity expects a person like me to be happy with 256 GB. But I've always been a fan of over-provisioning because the unpredictable and the unexpected is an everyday thing in my life.


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