Anecdotally we're experiencing a lot of latency issues, particularly with our 
international customers. COVID is also breaking the internet...



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Hi, Paul:

Do you know if the port and adapter are USB 2 or 3?

What does a speed testing site like (or the UK equivalent) tell 
you your current connection is?

Of course, it all depends on where the bottleneck is: your machine, adapter, 
home net speed, VPN overhead, the office's VPN server max speed, the office 
internet speed, what app you're trying to run (not big DBFs remotely, I hope!), 
etc., but I'm sure you know all that.

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 10:23 AM Paul Newton <>

> Hi all
> At the moment I am working from home and connected via VPN.  At the 
> moment I am using an AC 600 dual-band USB wireless adapter and I was 
> wondering if I would see noticeably better performance with, say, an AC 1900 
> adapter.
> Your thoughts would be much appreciated.  Thanks
> Paul Newton
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