Dear all,

I am learning J and stumbled on something today:

I loaded a .csv and obtained a boxed table, that I assigned to the name 'data'.

The first row of 'data' looks like that:

│N°IPP│Nom du paramètre│Valeur│Valeur Unit│Heure│

Then I defined two functions, that do work as expected:

NB. Column index of data y by name x

colIdxByName =: 4 : 'I. (0 { y) = <x'

NB. Select a column in data y by index x

colByIdx =: 4 : '}.x{|:y'

But if I try:

colByName =: 4 : 0

idx =. x colIdxByName y

res =. idx colByIdx y


'Valeur' colByName data  NB. nothing happens...

idx =: 'Valeur' colIdxByName data

idx colByIdx data  NB. this doesn't work

2 colByIdx data  NB. but this does...

How can I elegantly compose colIdxByName and colByIdx ?



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