Just wrote a classic snake game in ncurses, however I came across something 
inexplicable - The code below hangs for a sec, then exits.
The problem is presumably with the mvwaddch function. mvwaddstr also fails.
I was able to circumvent this by simply using the default screen returned by 
initscr, but that isn't ideal!

require 'api/ncurses'
cocurrent 'ncurses'

init =. monad define
  stdscr_ncurses_ =: initscr''
  w =. newwin 20;60;0;0

  NB. Works fine:
  NB. getch'' [ mvaddch 10 ; 10 ; '*'

  NB. hangs for a second then exits, why ?
  mvwaddch w ; 10 ; 10 ; '*'
  wgetch < w


Thanks for any help,

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