On 9/11/19, Henry Rich <henryhr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The definitive documentation of J is NuVoc
> https://code.jsoftware.com/wiki/NuVoc
> ": is described in https://code.jsoftware.com/wiki/Vocabulary/quoteco#dyadic
and Chris Burke said essentially the same thing.

I'm very familiar with the  ":  primitive.  It was the  0j4
construction that I don't recall coming across before for numeric

I would never have thought to look under imaginary numbers in NuVoc to
find out how to format a numeric result for display (0j4 or 6j2, for
example).  Besides, the imaginary numbers section in NuVoc doesn't
deal with numeric display formatting at all.  I also saw it mentioned
in the "Vocabulary/quoteco" section where it was used but never
defined.  (Based on context there, my guess is that the first digit
relates to the digits to display to the left of the decimal point and
that the second digit relates to the number of digits to display to
the right of the decimal point.  But where is that definition to be
found?)  As with imaginary numbers, I would never have thought to look
under ": to find out about even using 0j4.

So my question still stands:  where do I find the definition of the
type of numeric formatting such as the 0j4 construction?  How would I
have found it by searching the wiki if I didn't know the 0j4 type of
construction in the first place?

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