The details of font support are typically OS specific.

But, also, they are different for jconsole, jqt and jhs. (And I don't
know the specifics off the top of my head -  I imagine it's possible,
but I would have to look up the details. I imagine that J makes a best
effort attempt to provide a relatively unified interface to the OS,
but ... I haven't researched exactly what that means for current J

Which environment are you working with?

Meanwhile to reverse a utf-8 string S, use:

   8 u: |. 9 u: S



On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 4:54 PM Mark Linton <> wrote:
> I’ve used
> a.
> And
> u: i. 255
> To create a list of characters (ASCII alphabet)
> Is there a way to change character-sets or code-pages or fonts to change
> the letters that are displayed when a J sentence is executed?
> Would it be a setting in the terminal or a verb in J?
> I’ve also noticed that |. has problems reversing two byte UTF-8
> characters?  What is the preferred  method for reversing  such characters
>  in a string
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