Great questions Mark,

For jqt the session font can be changed using the menu through Edit>Session Font

For JHS, I seem to recall that the method for changing the font easily was 
removed and now would need to be done by manipulating global variables such as

"courier new","courier","monospace"

and changing this to something like

PC_FONTFIXED_jijx_=:     '"Menlo","courier","monospace"'

and refreshing the page, may give you what you want. But be careful because you 
are really hacking into the system with this sort of change and you don't want 
to end up like the sorcerer's apprentice. 

In the jconsole on a mac, I can change the look on Terminal using menu 
Shell>New Window giving me a selection of different looks

Cheers, bob

> On Sep 12, 2019, at 1:54 PM, Mark Linton <> wrote:
> I’ve used
> a.
> And
> u: i. 255
> To create a list of characters (ASCII alphabet)
> Is there a way to change character-sets or code-pages or fonts to change
> the letters that are displayed when a J sentence is executed?
> Would it be a setting in the terminal or a verb in J?
> I’ve also noticed that |. has problems reversing two byte UTF-8
> characters?  What is the preferred  method for reversing  such characters
> in a string
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