For me, this did not result in beta-s, even with the correct quotes and after a 

did work.

R.E. Boss

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> Van: Programming <>
> Namens Eric Iverson
> Verzonden: maandag 2 december 2019 19:09
> Aan: Programming forum <>
> Onderwerp: [Jprogramming] 901-beta-s
> 901-beta-s is available.
> This fixes a few bugs in previous betas.
> This is (really and truly) the last beta, so please pile on to try to find 
> bugs
> before they slip into the release.
> The release will be on the weekend of Dec 14.
> The jengine upgrade is now integrated into pacman. If you have updated to
> the latest base library, do the je upgrade with:
>    load'pacman
>    ''upgrade' jpkg 'jengine'
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