*Hi All,*

*Please check and let me know*

*Kindly mail me at nik...@apetan.com <nik...@apetan.com>*

*Position: *
*VBA/Access Developer **Location: **NYC *
* - ON SITE EVERYDAY **Length:** 2 month H1's are OK*

*Interview: Phone screen, face to face interview. MUST BE LOCAL - NO SKYPE *
*Must Have: Database Knowledge, VBA and Access (2003 and up) Programing*

*Job description*

contract person to do some work on a very old but critical DB that is in
production and desperately needs to be upgraded.

   - *Position: VBA & Access Developer*
   - *Location: New York City*
   - *Status: Contract*
   - *Estimated Duration: 2 months*

Our client in NYC is currently seeking an experienced VBA/Access Developer
to assist with mission critical upgrades to a database that is in
production.   This role would require a resource for at least 3
weeks. Qualified candidates must have Database knowledge and experience of
VBA and Access 2003 + programming.

The client is currently utilizing a home-grown application that is used to
send out billing transactions to clients.  This application is mission
critical as a high percentage of the company's operating revenue passes
through this system.

In addition to gateway functions it does the following:

   - Keeps queues of outgoing and incoming files.
   - FTPs transaction files to and from GE-IDX, the company's medical
   billing and accounts receivable system.
   - Parses outgoing and incoming transaction (ANSI X10 2010 data sets)
   into SQL tables.
   - Provides numerous reconciliation reports based on the SQL tables.
   - Contains over ten years of history.
   - The users are comfortable with the system and  the documentation
   that exists from the user perspective.

Weaknesses of the System:

   - The front-end application is written in MS Access.
   - It's VBA code-intensive.
   - The code and SQL processes are not documented.
   - Because of the MS Access environment, it's been difficult to get a
   uniform set of DLLs and references installed on users' workstations and
   delivery through Citrix has not worked so far.  It's also possible that
   workstation updates to the Windows OS and MS may cause subtle changes in
   the registry that cause new issues to emerge.
   - There are intermittent issues with FTP.
   - It would be difficult to extend it's functionality.
   - There are many deprecated features that should be removed.
   - The access database has too much functionality packed into one
   - We'll supply specific error messages when with further specifications.

Alternate issues:

Difficulty configuring ODBC drivers and DSNs due to workstation-level
security restrictions, outdated drivers and other components.

This position would require an experienced Developer with
strong initiative and communication skills.  MUST have ACCESS and VBA
experience to be considered.



Nikhil Prasad



Apetan Consulting LLC

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