Hello everyone,

Alertmanager 0.22.0 has been released.

There are a lot of changes in the 0.22 release, so I would like to highlight
some of them:

- The "New Silence form" has a new calendar to create silences.
- Routes can be muted based on time. e.g. do not alert on
  environment="dev" on weekends.
- Support for "negative matchers", in routes, inhibition and silences.
  e.g. Silence everything but production.
- Native support for TLS and basic authentication.
- There are other enhancements, like oauth2.0/oidc in HTTP client
  support, Apple Silicon builds, and many bugfixes.

The v0.22.0 can be found in the usual locations:

- See the full changelog & grab the binaries:
- See https://quay.io/repository/prometheus/alertmanager?tab=tags and
https://hub.docker.com/r/prom/alertmanager/tags for container images.

Julien Pivotto

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