Dear users,

I have received a report in Alertmanager that the changes in the
matchers we have introduced in Alertmanager 0.22 might not work properly
with the API v1.

The API v1 might invert the silence and silent everything but what you
try to silent.

Therefore, it is recommended to use amtool 0.22 with alertmanager 0.22
and use the API v2 to create silences with alertmanager.

We are still investigating the situation, you can see the report here:
We hope to release a 0.22.1 soon to address this issue.


On 24 May 16:12, Julien Pivotto wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Alertmanager 0.22.0 has been released.
> There are a lot of changes in the 0.22 release, so I would like to highlight
> some of them:
> - The "New Silence form" has a new calendar to create silences.
> - Routes can be muted based on time. e.g. do not alert on
>   environment="dev" on weekends.
> - Support for "negative matchers", in routes, inhibition and silences.
>   e.g. Silence everything but production.
> - Native support for TLS and basic authentication.
> - There are other enhancements, like oauth2.0/oidc in HTTP client
>   support, Apple Silicon builds, and many bugfixes.
> The v0.22.0 can be found in the usual locations:
> - See the full changelog & grab the binaries:
> - See and
> for container images.
> -- 
> Julien Pivotto
> @roidelapluie

Julien Pivotto

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