Hello Prometheus community,

We are excited to announce the release of Prometheus 2.43.0-rc.0.

This release includes several new features and enhancements:

Promtool now includes HTTP client configuration to query commands, and
scrape configs can be included from different files using
include_scrape_configs. HTTP client now supports no_proxy to exclude
URLs from proxied requests and proxy_from_environment to read proxies
from env variables. The API now supports setting lookback delta per
query and returns HTTP status code 499 if a request is canceled.
Exemplars are now allowed for all metric types, and size metrics are
included for head chunks and WAL folders. Furthermore, the Prometheus
parser error outputs have been improved to be more comprehensible, and
group by labels are now scoped to the metric in autocompletion.

Several bugs have also been fixed with this release:

The prometheus_target_scrape_pool_target_limit metric not being set before
reloading, prometheus_tsdb_head_chunks_removed_total and
prometheus_tsdb_head_chunks metrics not being updated correctly, and the
prometheus_tsdb_sample_ooo_delta metric using the wrong unit.

Important note about performance:

We want you to help us measure the gains on your production architecture
by testing the performance improvements built into Prometheus with the
Go tag stringlabels. This feature uses a data structure that results in
a smaller heap size and provides speedups in most cases. We welcome your
feedback on its effectiveness in your specific use cases.

You can find the full changelog and download Prometheus 2.43.0-rc.0 at
Container images are also available at
https://quay.io/repository/prometheus/prometheus?tab=tags and

Thank you for your contributions and support in making Prometheus a
better tool for monitoring and alerting.

Best regards,

Julien Pivotto

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