Greetings to the 34 members of the Promotion Committee,

I wanted to say I have greatly appreciated the work that Jeff Broadwick 
has performed in moving this committee forward.  He and our contractor 
Suzanne Urash have greatly improved WISPA's standing in the media and 
among our membership.

Jeff informed myself and President Chuck Hogg that in his new job he 
felt he could not continue to work at the level necessary to achieve his 
goals and recommended I take back the Promotion Committee.  At the 
in-person Board Meeting at WISPPALOOZA President Hogg appointed me to 
again run this committee.

Honestly I don't see any need to restructure this committee because as I 
said above Jeff has done a great job.  I do have a fair amount of new 
ideas on how we can improve communications, educational opportunities, 
and more efficient 'call to action' procedures with membership, plus 
closer media relationships. I apologize for not running the recent press 
releases by you first but with just being appointed and the rush of 
working the show I wasn't able to, in the future I will make sure to 
involve you in the edit process for pretty much any action we do.

I look forward to working with you,
Forbes Mercy
Chair: Promotions, AMC, Disaster Services
WECAT President, WISPA Board of Directors
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