I like this idea.  We know what these priorities are for both FCC and
Legislative, and it would be helpful for the membership to have access to
it.  We need to be sure, however, that as our priorities change we update
the document so that the most current is on the website at all times.




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With opportunities to speak for our WISP's do you think it prudent that at
the Govt. Affairs we ask Legislative and FCC Chairs, and Steve of course, to
provide top 5 summaries of our biggest issues with each Committee, then put
it together into a package that we send to all members, one time and put it
on the members portal for future easy access?  This would prevent many from
asking at the last minute and most not offering to speak because they want
to sound literate and the information just seems to hard to come by.  From
time to time issues will change and if we post it on the website we could
update it as needed.  Encouraging members to speak to any elected official
who will listen should be a high priority for us.  Just a thought.


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[WISPA Members] Internet Forum -- Statement of Joe Portman


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Thought I would send around Joe Portman's opening statement (attached) from
today's Internet forum from Texas A&M that Commissioner Pai hosted.


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