Dear PG developers,

We're considering a change of license for Proof General (Emacs) from GPL to a 
BSD-style license (probably the Modified BSD).  The main reason for a change to 
a more permissive license is so that colleagues at MSR and elsewhere can 
collaborate more easily with us.  I expect/hope that this would not impact any 
of the 3rd party packagers and Linux distributions shipping Proof General.

I'm waiting for University folk to discuss further with me on exact details, 
but wanted to check first with PG developers whether anyone would raise 
objection.  The simplest plan is probably to switch license with the next 
release version.  Once there is a clearer proposal for the precise license and 
switch plans, I'll consult on the users list.

If you have any concerns, please let me know.

Best wishes,

 - David

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