Forwarding downstream bug: <>

Byte-compilation of ProofGeneral fails if Emacs was configured with
option --without-x, because image-load-path is not defined in this

   emacs --batch --no-site-file -q -eval '(setq load-path (append (mapcar 
(lambda (d) (concat 
"/tmp/portage/app-emacs/proofgeneral-4.1/work/ProofGeneral-4.1/" (symbol-name 
d))) (quote (acl2 ccc coq hol98 isar lego pgshell phox generic lib ))) 
load-path))' -eval '(progn (require (quote bytecomp)) (require (quote mouse)) 
(require (quote tool-bar)) (require (quote fontset)) (setq 
byte-compile-warnings (remove (quote cl-functions) (remove (quote noruntime) 
byte-compile-warning-types))) (setq byte-compile-error-on-warn t))' -f 
batch-byte-compile generic/proof-toolbar.el

   In toplevel form:
   generic/proof-toolbar.el:106:21:Error: assignment to free variable 
   make[1]: *** [generic/proof-toolbar.elc] Error 1
   make[1]: Leaving directory 
   make: *** [compile] Error 2

Below I include a patch that should fix the problem.


--- ProofGeneral-orig/generic/proof-toolbar.el
+++ ProofGeneral/generic/proof-toolbar.el
@@ -103,7 +103,8 @@
   (when (proof-toolbar-available-p)
     (unless proof-toolbar-map
       (setq proof-toolbar-map (make-sparse-keymap))
-      (add-to-list 'image-load-path proof-images-directory) ; rude?
+      (if (boundp 'image-load-path)
+         (add-to-list 'image-load-path proof-images-directory)) ; rude?
       (mapc 'proof-toolbar-make-icon (proof-ass toolbar-entries))
       (proof-toolbar-make-toolbar-items proof-toolbar-map
                                        (proof-ass toolbar-entries)))
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