>>>>> On Tue, 17 Jul 2012, Hendrik Tews wrote:

> Ulrich Mueller <u...@gentoo.org> writes:
>    Byte-compilation of ProofGeneral fails if Emacs was configured with
>    option --without-x, because image-load-path is not defined in this
>    case:

> Which emacs version are you using?

> Could anybody explain me, why I cannot reproduce the problem? I
> tried with emacs23-nox from Debian, which has image.el not loaded
> and where (boundp 'image-load-path) gives nil. Nevertheless,  

>     emacs --batch --no-site-file -q  -eval '(setq load-path (append (mapcar 
> (lambda (d) (concat "/tmp/ProofGeneral-4.1/" (symbol-name d))) (quote (acl2 
> ccc coq hol98 isar lego pgshell phox generic lib))) load-path))' -eval 
> '(progn (require (quote bytecomp)) (require (quote mouse)) (require (quote 
> tool-bar)) (require (quote fontset)) (setq byte-compile-warnings (remove 
> (quote cl-functions) (remove (quote noruntime) byte-compile-warning-types))) 
> (setq byte-compile-error-on-warn t))' -f batch-byte-compile 
> generic/proof-toolbar.el

> runs without error on proof-toolbar.el version 11.1

Right, compilation succeeds here with app-editors/emacs-23.4-r3 but
fails with app-editors/emacs-24.1 (both packages built with USE="-X").

Looks like the byte compiler of Emacs 24 is stricter.

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