On 2016-08-08 11:31, Paul A. Steckler wrote:
> I've made some fair headway in getting Proof General working with the
> coqtop XMLish protocol. So now I'm working on some of the less-central
> bits for that port.
>  There's a PG button, State, which in the REPL version of PG, sends
> "Show." to coqtop to request the current goal.
> I'm thinking this button can be removed, because the XML version of
> PG sends a goal request after each block of script is sent, and after
> undoing a line or lines, so that the current goal is always displayed.

Hmm. In the old state there was a bunch of cases in which this got out of sync, 
and C-c C-p (which IIRC does the same as that button) was a nice way to fix it. 
But if this never happens anymore, then we can remove it :)

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