"Paul A. Steckler" <st...@stecksoft.com> writes:

> Well, the current goal should always be shown, unless there's a bug.

What if the user deletes the emacs window containing the current
goal because he temporarily wants to use that screen space for
something else? I used to do this quite often when I needed to
look into other files in the middle of the proof. When going back
to the proof I would then hit C-c C-p.

It should of course be fine if PG just redisplays a cached
version of the current goal without talking to Coq when the user
hits C-c C-p. The redisplay-goal functionality, however, should
IMO be kept together with a button or menu entry. Of course, if
you want to put more important stuff in the toolbar, a menu entry
and a key binding are sufficient.


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