Dear All,

It is my pleasure to announce that an alpha version 2.8.1a10 of OpenProofPower 
is now available that works with the version 5.2.1 of Poly/ML. New users are 
strongly recommended to start with this version of OpenProofPower and old 
users are advised to upgrade when convenient.

Note that the OpenProofPower version 2.8.1a10 will only work with Poly/ML 
version 5.2.1 and not version 5.2 or earler. The alpha version if available 
from the ProofPower website as usual, see:

If you have any problems with the new release, please let me know. A stable 
release 2.8.1 is expected to be released shortly.

Many thanks to David Matthews for his hard work on Poly/ML and to QinetiQ for 
funding work on Poly/ML and ProofPower.



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