On Thursday 04 Dec 2008 5:06 pm, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
> On Saturday 22 November 2008 09:20:56 Rob Arthan wrote:
> (me)
> > >  Can't find anything which suggests that these
> > > are configurable, any hints?
> (rob)
> > They are configured by the settings of Xpp.textTranslations and by the
> > settings of the acceleratorText resources for the menu entries in
> > whichever of XppKeyboard3 or XppKeyboard4 you are using.
> I guess it doesn't get more obvious than that!
> The non-obvious bit is how it could possibly fail to pick up the shortcuts,
> given that I don't actually touch any of the keyboard files.
> Anyway the problem did go away when I edited the app-defaults directory in
> the installation to link to Keyboard4 instead of 3, even though I thought
> it should pick it up from the app-defaults in my home directory, and in any
> case they all have the accelerators in them.

This is one area which can be subtly different depending on environment 
variables that affect X (see the X(1) manual pages for copious details on 
XAPPLRESDIR, XUSERFILESEARCHPATH and the like) and on whether you set PPHOME 
or not. If you don't set any of XAPPLRESDIR, XUSERFILESEARCHPATH or PPHOME, 
xpp will set XUSERFILESEARCHPATH to a (hopefully sensible) default value. If 
you call it with PPENVDEBUG define (as in "PPENVDEBUG=y xpp") it will tell 
you what it is doing. However that default value should mean you pick up 
resource files from the app-defaults file in your home directory in 
preference to the ones in the installation directory if both exist.



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