On Tuesday 13 Oct 2009 1:15 pm, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
> I have tried to build ProofPower on Ubuntu 9.04,
> but it failed so I was wondering whether anyone
> else has succeeded and if they have any helpful
> hints.
> I used the lastest "p2" sources, which build OK
> for me on openSUSE 10.3.
> On Ubuntu the build fails pretty quickly in
> makehelp.sh with the message:
> troff: fatal error: can't find macro file s

The nroff/groff/troff suite is missing the "-ms" macro library (which due to 
the bad joke that is the naming scheme for troff macros lives is referred to 
without the inital "m" in this error message). You probably have a minimalist 
installation of the suite that is only good for displaying the manual pages. 
So I imagine you need to install the rest of groff by doing something like:

sudo aptitudeinstall groff

or using your favourite package management GUI.

Phil Clayton found that the following aptitude command got everything that was 
needed on Ubuntu 9.04.

sudo aptitude install \
  groff \
  libmotif-dev \
  libxt-dev \
  libxp-dev \
  libxmu-dev \
  texlive-latex-base texlive-generic-recommended

> Any ideas what the problem might be?
> I have built the PolyML 5.2.1 without problems,
> but am uncertain about whether I have an adequate motif
> installation.
> Some motif client stuff has been installed from debian packages.
> Since it didn't look like it would be enough I downloaded
> the source from OpenMotif but it would not build in my
> environment (perhaps not enough X11 development stuff available).
> However, it doesn't look on the face of it as if
> the problem I am hitting has anything to do with Motif.

So far it is nothing to do with Motif. Let's see how you get on.



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