Rob and I have been discussing creating a publicly hosted 
project for contributions from/to the ProofPower community.

We have not got very far yet in settling details, but the 
proposal so far is to use google code and to use GPL for the 
overall project licence.  So far as I understand it there is 
nothing to prevent individual contributors from making their 
contributions available under additional more liberal 
licences (then a user gets the choice of which licence to 
comply with).  That makes sense to me for things similar to 
"maths_egs" which would be like subprojects, but not 
necessarily for the kind of thing one does with patches.
In the former case I would expect that each user or each 
subproject would get its own directory in the repository, 
but not in the latter.

We would have a choice of svn or mercurial as repository.
I have not used either so opinions on which would be best 
would be appreciated.  (I've been on CVS for a long time, 
but I use it only in a very simplistic way since I don't 
have any real collaborations going on)

I think the system should cover either substantial pieces of 
work which result in a database with one or more new 
theories, or patches.
Ideas on how this all might work would be appreciated.

I agreed to set up the project, possibly I'm not the best 
person, but I will do it unless we get a better offer.
Of course, it doesn't have to be just one administrator.

Anyone interested, anyone got any ideas or opinions?

Roger Jones

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