I have set up a project at google.

It is called pp-contrib uses mercurial and is under GPL2.

The project description currently has three uses which we 
have discussed, but it sounds like Rob doesn't like the idea 
of this project hosting Phil's reuse of code-base ideas (if 
I understand them both right) so if this is confirmed I will 
remove the third usage.

On the patches I have no axe.
My understanding was that user contributions by patch had 
been previously encouraged and that this was supposed to be 
done by mailing the patch to the ProofPower mailing list.

The proposal on patches is that pp-contrib provides a 
repository for any patches which a user might like to offer, 
and that it might also provide a simple way of installing an 
arbitrary selection of such patches before building 
ProofPower.  It is up to Rob whether he uses this for official 

Some of the things I have which might go in a tarball 
contrib might strictly be better as patches.
One thing which I might like to do with patches is simply 
make things visible which are at present hidden, so that 
they can be used in new facilities without duplicating the 


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