I nearly always use Xpp with the following settings in $HOME/app-defaults/Xpp

Xpp*script.rows:                        32
Xpp*script.columns:                     60
Xpp*script.background:                  white
Xpp*script.foreground:                  black
Xpp*journal.rows:                       32
Xpp*journal.columns:                    60
Xpp*namestring.columns:                 24
Xpp*journal.background:                 light blue
Xpp*journal.foreground:                 black
Xpp*journal.editable:                   true
Xpp*mainpanes.orientation:              HORIZONTAL

This differs from the "out of the box" default in laying out the windows 
side-by-side and letting you bring up the command dialogue by trying to type 
into the journal window. I am tempted to change the default settings to the 
above - it looks a bit less like a standard Motif application, but it makes 
much better use of modern screens (or at least modern screens that have a 
landscape aspect ratio).

It would be nice to know what other people do before I commit to this change. 
So please let me know your preferences.


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