On 9 Aug 2012, at 20:28, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

> Rob,
> My theories fail to build on the latest version of maths_egs 
> because I have been using "R_plus_ops_thm" and 
> "R_plus_group_thm" which were in wrk068 but are no longer.
> Looks like you have just changed some names, is that right?
Correct for "plus" now read "additive".

Of course, with the RCS you can find this out for yourself. I found out what I 
did using:

rlog wrk068.doc | less

followed by:

xpp -c rcsdiff -r1.31 -r wrk068.doc

(I could also have done an even cuter one-liner using dates, but that would 
have involved pouring over the rcsdiff manual pages).



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