On 18/02/13 15:39, khan khan wrote:
first of all when i enter /home/sarah/pp/bin/xpp it opens xpp and second 
command that you tell me to try was
PPENVDEBUG=y /home/sarah/pp/bin/xpp it also open xpp...so then why when i enter 
the command xpp -d example_zed
  says "printer not found, aborting"
how to make sure that ProofPower bin directory comes before the system bin 
directories in the
PATH environment variable.

Easy - by doing exactly that before you run xpp, e.g.


Put this in


to have this done automatically when you log in. (That's for Fedora, at leats. For other Linux distributions, it may go elsewhere e.g. .bashrc - I don't know.)


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