On 19/02/13 00:55, Phil Clayton wrote:

Easy - by doing exactly that before you run xpp, e.g.


Put this in


to have this done automatically when you log in. (That's for Fedora, at leats. For other Linux distributions, it may go elsewhere e.g. .bashrc - I don't know.)
I think Sarah said she was on ubuntu 12.10.

According to the bash manual page, .bash_profile is run when you start a login shell and .bashrc is run on any bash shell.

I always used to put things like this in bash_profile and this seemed to work OK for shell scripts started in emacs until I upgraded from ubuntu 10.02 to 12.02 and then it stopped working.

Then I decided to use .bash_aliases and made sure that .bashrc loads bash_aliases (I can't remember if it came that way now).


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